Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Race #2 Recap

Before the race started the episode of C Tolle Run featuring our race was released. If you have not seen it yet you can watch it below.

Did you see yourself?

The weather was excellent. Temperatures were in the low 70s with an occasional breeze to keep some of the mosquitos at bay.

The cooler weather brought faster times for the last time on the 4 mile course. In two weeks (10/1) we will switch to the southern course- looping the Hyland Lake and running through the camp grounds. The course goes uphill past the tree farm rather than going downhill like last year.

Post race we had Seven Sundays museli and yogurt parfaits and Dyna Moo chocolate milk for our recovery food. Both will be provided again for 10/1 race.

We received the long sleeve shirts today and are going to the imprinter. We will have them available on October 1st. We have a few extra shirts available if you would like to purchase one then.

I would like to thank the following people and running club members for volunteering:

Julie Freniere-Gibson (special thanks to for helping load the van (twice))
Eric Porte (Course Director)
Julio Salazar (Break the Stigma Project)
Dan Butler
Dustin Carda
Scott Carlson
Andrew Carlson
Ben Drexler
Zach Hill
Angela Lim
Dan LaPlante
Britney LaPlante
Darle Salmen
John Storkamp
Patty Vehler
Audrey Weber
Dan Wennberg

Mile in My Shoes
Mishka Vertin
Mike Jurastis
Amanda Blom
Ron Carpenter
Justin Fitterman
Amanda Harmon
Marisa Lindsay
Brice Okocha
Becca Rogers
Toby Rogers
Sarah Schulz
Sara Welle

Reminder: Everything moves back a half hour starting 10/1
Registration/Check In begins at 5:00pm
Youth Run begins at 5:30pm
Race begins at 6:00pm
Youth Drawing begins at 6:15pm
Adult Drawing begins at 7:00pm

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Race #2 Preview

Race #2 is this Wednesday and we have a lot planned.
  • Salomon will be there with shoes you can demo before, during or after the race for real this time
  • Mile in My Shoes running club will be with us
  • Break the Stigma Project will be onsite
  • Short sleeve shirts are in and available for pick up
  • In the morning, the episode of C Tolle Run will be airing. Check it out and see if you can see yourself.
  • Seven Sundays will be providing museli and yogurt parfaits for post race food
With sunset getting earlier will have the Youth drawing after the start of the run and we will have the sock drawing for adults posted again. 

It looks like we will have nice cool weather, wahoo!

Reminder: Pre-Registration ends at 11:59pm on Monday night.

See you Wednesday!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Race #1 Recap

First off I would like to thank all the volunteers! You all endured the humid weather and then the bugs later to put on a great Race #1. These individuals are:

Nancy Rush
Steven Rush
Eric Porte
Julie Freniere-Gibson
Pat Gibson
Dustin Carda
Ben Drexler
Rebecca Hill
Dan LaPlante
Britney LaPlant
Darle Salmen
Patty Vehler
Audrey Weber
Jim Wilson

Thank you to our sponsors Salomon, Dyna Moo, Fits Socks, Mill City Running, Seven Sundays Museli and Steve Smillie-Edina Realty for your support!

Thank you to all the runners who overcame the humidity with strong running!

You will see the final product of the C Tolle Run episode on Race #2, 9/17. Thank you to all who were interviewed.

Results are up now for both the Youth Run and Race #1 here.

We will post photos here and on our facebook page shortly.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Sponsors & Long Sleeve Shirts

We are pleased to announce we have two new sponsors.

Steve Smillie-Realtor

Seven Sundays Museli
 We also have some pictures of the long sleeve shirts that are now available, which can be ordered here. The shirts fit true to form. For example, I wear medium shirts usually and I am wearing a medium in the picture below.

The women's

The Men's (Model not included)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tech Shirt Updates

There is only 1 shirt for full series left
The alternative shirts are long sleeve and cost $25

Monday, July 21, 2014

Registration and Course Update

Registration Update:

  •  There are less than 50 guaranteed tech shirts left. Click "Register Now" (on the right) to get your guaranteed tech shirt.
  • There is now pre-registration for the Youth Run. Sign your children and their friends up now for the whole series. It is FREE!

Course Update:

  •  September Races - 4 Miles
    • Course will go north toward the Nature Center and will go around the Prairie loop, returning back the same way to Jan's Place.
  • October Races - 5.5k
    • Course will go south toward the south loop (past the tree farm and through the camp grounds) and back to Jan's Place. This is the roughly the same course as years past with a different start/finish.
  • Youth Run - 1 Mile 
    • Course summary coming soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

C Tolle Run at September 3rd Race

So what is the big news?

C Tolle Run will be filming the first ever trail episode at the September 3rd race. If you not familiar with C Tolle Run? It is a weekly webshow about running and fitness hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson. The show features training tips, interviews with athletes & experts, and highlights from races and events. To watch some episodes and "Get After It" click here.

The show will air Wednesday, September 17th and our goal is to show at the Race #2 that evening.