Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Race #1 just around the corner

Race #1 is next Wednesday! 

Register today so you don't miss out on the fun, friends and beer!

Race #1 is on the northern course, 4.2 miles, of beautiful scenery on grass, wood chips and dirt.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Race Shirt Design 2017

2017 shirt design

The shirts are long sleeve tech shirts from Storm Creek.

To get one of the shirts sign up for the Adult Full Series (Open - 4 Race package)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Registration is open!

Registration is now open for fun, friends and trails! Not to mention beer and pizza!

New this year the races will be chipped timed. 

New registration site which will allow us to assign bib numbers on race day and allow you to register anytime including before check-in/bib pick up on race day. All you will need is either the print out from your registration with the QR code or your ID. You choose during the registration process.

Additionally we have set up packages to register for three races at one time rather than registering individually for each race.
All registrants (whether you register for 1 open/adult race or all 4 open/adult races) will receive an Autumn Trail Series pair of gloves.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New sponsor for 2017

We are excited to announce that Twin Cities Running Company is our new store sponsor! 

We are looking forward to having them in the Autumn Trail Series family!

Twin Cities Running Company

They have two locations one in Eden Prairie and one in Maple Grove. The staff is very knowledgeable and will be able to assist you with finding the right shoes, clothes, and nutrition or even answer your questions about trail running. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016 Post Race Survey Results

Thank you all who provided feedback for the 2016 Series!

We have reviewed your feedback and below is a summary and any new actions we may make.

Question 1 - What areas of the Series did you enjoy?
Generally speaking, you like us, you really like us!

  • All of it
  • Beer - It will be back for all four races and we will have drawings again for local growlers
  • Chilled, laid back feel
  • Courses: fun, challenging, hills & variety - That is what we aiming to do
  • Format 
  • Food: pizza & mangoes - these will be back again 
  • Fun, kind and volunteers - We think so also!
  • Fun crowd - That is all you all, thank you!
  • Location/venue
  • Prizes
  • Well organized
Question 2 - What areas would you like to see addressed?
Generally speaking again, you like us, you really like us!
Below are the general categories of responses and our responses

  • No changes to address - it was Fantastic all around!
  • Add official race photographer, we want to see some pictures
    • We have some pictures and will post them from this year. We will post some of them on Facebook & Instagram with the others here on the race site.
    • In 2017 we will try to get some from on course
  • Streamline race drawings & prizes - start sooner, be quicker and more easily visible
    • We wait to announce the live drawing winners until the last person finishes since we want them to be able to claim their prize.
    • We will do something such was suggested as having an easel with the posted results so they are more visible
    • For awards we will award and acknowledge those who won in multiple categories at one time. Additionally we will read group winners and do applause at the end of each group instead of after each winner.
  • Course change - back to old course, longer course and new ones
    • Our options for courses are limited, so as much as we would like to change the courses periodically we don't have the flexibility to do so. 
  • Other beverage options - Wine, hot cider and gluten free options like Mike's or Hard Cider
    • We will add some gluten free options like Mike's or hard cider. 
    • We will look in to having hot cider or a hot beverage available for the last two races.
  • Be louder
    • We will do our best
  • More food especially mangoes and some gluten free or plant based 
    • We can definitely have more mangoes and work on some gluten free or plant based foods. 
    • We have noted that some of the food went very quickly and will stock up more.
  • New shirt design
    • There will be a new shirt design for 2017.

Question 3 - What start time would you prefer for races 3 & 4?

  • 92% want to keep the current start time of 6:00pm
  • 8% want to change it to 6:30pm

We will keep the start time for races 3 & 4 at 6:00pm.

Question 4 - Which drawing format would you prefer?

  • 8% want all live drawing
  • 63% want a mix of live drawing and posted drawing results (current format)
  • 29% want all posted drawing results
We will use the current format again for next year with posted drawing results and live drawing for items like the shoes and beer.

Question 5 - What Autumn Trail Series clothing would you like to have available for purchase? (General responses)
  • Long sleeve non technical shirt - probably won't
  • Long sleeve technical shirt - probably will
  • Baseball/trucker hat - definitely won't
  • Stocking cap - probably won't
  • Hoodie: pullover or zip - probably will
  • Windbreaker jacket - probably won't
We will be looking at options for a long sleeve technical shirt, a hoodie and stocking cap. 

Question 6 - Does having the Goat Run make (it). . . in participating in the Series?
  • 8% - More likely
  • 0% - Less likely
  • 92% - No difference
The Goat Run is a draw for the Series. We like having the Goat Run too.