Sunday, November 8, 2009

Race feedback

Tell us what you think!

The Salomon Autumn Trail Series needs your feedback. We are already making plans for next year's series and are interested in your thoughts and suggestions for 2010.

We want to make our series the best possible race experience!

Thanks and hope to see you at Salomon Autumn Trail Series 2010!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Series Results

Thank you to all the racers, volunteers, and sponsors who made this race series possible! The series will be back next year, so I look forward to working with you all again.

There was another great turnout this Wednesday for our last race. The weather cooperated wonderfully providing crisp and dry race conditions. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we were able to give away 14 pairs of Salomon XT Wings trail running shoes and cinnamon rolls from Great Harvest in Linden Hills to all top-3 finishers and age group leaders.

End-of-series standings

Race results 10-28-09

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Race recap

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather Wednesday night and came out for the race, you are all true Minnesotans! Everyone had a good time stomping around in the mud and taking in the quickly changing fall scenery.

It seems like the new starting location (the picnic area off the right-hand parking lot as you drive into the visitor center) worked well, so plan to start there once again next Wednesday (10/28) for the finale event.

Based on the performances and attendance of the race, there has been a shake-up of current series leaders. Especially exciting is the tie for first place in the women's category between Nicole Lepinski and Lorena Byerly. Next week's race will decide the champion.

Overall leaders
1. Chris Harvey 220 points
2. David Hansen 180 points
3. Scott Maus 119 points

1. (tie) Nicole Lepinski and Lorena Byerly
3. Kim Maxwell

Age-group Leaders
  • U-30: Paul Donnelly, 100 pts
  • 30-39: Matthew Rantala, 111 pts
  • 40-49: Mark Wirt, 65 pts
  • 50-59: John Kendrick, 76 pts
  • 60+: Rick Recker, 60 pts

  • U-30: Julie Thurmes, 76 pts
  • 30-39: Michelle Pensyl, 58 pts
  • 40-49: Ruth Roberson, 108 pts
  • 50-59: Brett Elizabeth Schulze, 100 pts
  • 60+: Francine Lepage, 50 pts

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Salomon Cup standings

The scoring for the Salomon Cup is as follows (Place/points): 1st/100 pts, 2/80, 3/60, 4/50, 5/45, 6/40, 7/36, 8/32, 9/29, 10/26, 11/24, 12/22, 13/20, 14/18, 15/16, 16/15, 17/14 . . . 30th/1 pt.

Points are awarded by gender for every race. A racer's points are totaled throughout the series to determine their final standing in the race series.

See the complete point standings.

After two races the points leaders are as follows:
1) David Hansen 180pts
2) Chris Harvey 140 pts
3) Matt Schadow 100 pts

1) Lorena Byerly 180pts
2) Nicole Lepinski 140 pts
3) Kim Maxwell 110 pts

Age Group Leaders are as follows:
  • Under-30: Charlie Weber 50 pts
  • 30-39: Scott Maus 95 pts
  • 40-49: Mark Wirt 36 pts
  • 50-59: John Kendrick 56 pts
  • 60+: Rick Recker 46 pts
  • Under-30: Sarah Osmundson 50 pts
  • 30-39: Chrissy Klatt 40 pts
  • 40-49: Ruth Roberson 72 pts
  • 50-59: Brett Elizabeth Schulze

September 23 Results

What a great turnout last night! Thanks everyone for coming out to race. We can also be thankful for the perfect fall weather we had. Thanks to Salomon for setting up their tent with sample shoes!

See the results from last night.

The next race is Wednesday, October 21 at 6PM

Hope to see everyone back again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The hunt for the Salomon Cup is on!

There was a humble but enthusiastic turn out to Wednesday night's first 5k of the Salomon Autumn Trail Series. The men's event was won by Matt Schadow in a time of 17:13 and the women's event was won by Brett Elizabeth Schulze in a time of 22:21. With those results, the competition for overall winner has begun.

The top 2 racers overall in both genders at the end of the race series will receive a pair of Salomon XT wings, along with 4 randomly-chosen age group leaders. The age groups are as follows: 29 and under, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+. A delicious prize will also be awarded to top 3 overall and age-group winners in both genders. Whether there will literally be a Salomon Cup awarded has yet to be determined.

The grand-prize winners in this week's raffle, who both won a pair of Salomon XT Wings shoes, were Alex Rykken and Ron Schmitz. We will continue doing a weekly raffle with a huge shoe give-away on week 4.

With over 20 people already pre-registered for next week's race and more registrations rolling in, the trail series promises to grow each race! If you had a good time, make sure to come back for more and spread the word.

September 16th Results

Place time gender age
1 Matt Schadow 17:13 M 30
2 David Hansen 18:11 M 24
3 Chris Harvey 18:41 M 23
4 Scott Maus 21:10 M 38
5 Matthew Rantala 21:15 M 39
6 Russell Stebner 21:46 M 30
7 Tom Heimdal 21:48 M 60
8 Brett Elizabeth Schulze 22:21 F 51
9 John Kendrick 22:46 M 50
10 Lorena Byerly 24:04 F 46
11 Nicole Lepinski 24:27 F 22
12 Alex Rykken 24:47 M 24
13 Kim Maxwell 25:03 F 34
14 Cassi Heppelmann 25:12 F 24
15 Rick Recker 25:41 M 65
16 Ron Schmitz 27:45 M 55
17 Matthew Pensyl 29:47 M 39
18 Ruth Roberson 30:30 F 47
19 Randolph Hoffman 39:39 M 42

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Aboard to Our New Sponsors!

We are very excited to now include Hoigaard's and Great Harvest Bread Co. as sponsors of this race series! Participants can now look fowards to post-race treats from Great Harvest and raffel and swag items from Hoigaards.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visit Salomon online

Thanks so much to our generous title sponsor Salomon!

Learn more about the trail running community and Salomon's products by visiting their website.