Monday, July 19, 2010

Knead and Squeeze

You heard me right folks, Justin's Nut Butter is now a proud sponsor of the Salomon Autumn Trail Series!  And what exactly does that mean for you, the eager race participant?  Well, in addition to all the delicious treats we shared after the races last year, we will now also be able to enjoy Justin's maple almond butter squeeze packs (hence, knead and squeeze).
For those of you unfamiliar with Justin's, this is a company dedicated to creating delicious, nutritious, organic, sustainable nut butters.  You can find Justin's online or at places like REI and Whole Foods. 

Justin's comes in a variety of flavors including my personal favorites: maple almond and the NEW chocolate hazelnut.  The chocolate hazelnut is AMAZING, and I don't even feel guilty eating it, because unlike other hazelnut butters, the first ingredient is actually hazelnuts (who would have thought?), and there is absolutely nothing modified or partially hydrogenated about it.  So go ahead and enjoy!