Series Rules/Awards


The four-race series is scored as follows:

  • Points are awarded by gender for every race based on finish position.
  • A racer's points are totaled throughout the series to determine their final standing in the race series.
  • A racer need not attend every event to win.  A score of zero points will simply be awarded for missed races.
  • Point totals are used to determine end-of-series awards and prizes for overall divisions listed below and 10-year age groups.  The highest point total wins.
  • Weekly and end-of-series drawings will be held, must be present to win.

The points are awarded as follows: 

(The number of people of your gender you beat in the race) +1

1st Female/Male Points = Number of (women/men) in the race 
Last place Female/Male Points = 1


  • Top 3 in the following divisions
    • Female Open
    • Female Masters
    • Male Open
    • Male Masters
Open division participants are 39 years old and under
Masters division participants are 40 years old and over

Age Group
  • Top 3 in the following male and female age-groups
    • 19 years old and under
    • 20-29 years old
    • 30-39 years old
    • 40-49 years old
    • 50-59 years old
    • 60 years old and over
Note: Overall winners can double dip to win both overall and age-group awards.