Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Results 9-15-10

Thanks for everyone who braved the only mildly inclement weather tonight and came out this evening.  There was all sorts of excitement with the presence of Kevin "KJ" Johnson from Salomon, who brought swag, demo items, and those oh-so-dry tents, as well as Jesse West, who was out volunteering her skills as a chiropractic doctor.  We also introduced the 32mm starting pistol (I didn't even blow my ear drums out!), and finally we witnessed the debut of the Podiumwear leader bibs, just to add a little fun and excitement to the race.  Per usual, there was also great raffle prizes, like Salomon XT Wings shoes, and tasty snacks like Justin's Nut Butter and organic honey crisp apples provided by our wonderful friends at FruitShare.

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