Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results October 12

Results Here

Final standings

Thanks to everyone who braved the (only slightly) inclement weather last night.  One of our most social races yet, racers brought great enthusiasm for running and relaxing on this last event of the 2011 series.  Racers finally experienced some typical fall weather, but were also treated to Surly Furious IPA following the race, as well as all the typical raffle prizes they have come to expect, including Salomon Shoe Certificates and $50 Hoigaards gift cards.

Results for overall series placing were also disbursed, with everyone going home with a giant Cinnamon Roll from Great Harvest.  Overall and Master winners also received Salomon Shoes Certificates, 2nd place recieved $50 Hoigaards gift certificates, and 3rd place recieved $25 Finn Sisu gift certificates.

Mark your calendars for next year, with the trail series scheduled for Wednesday nights starting September 5th and going every other week for four races.

Wednesday nights September 5th, September 19th, October 3rd, October 17th, 2012.

Here were your prize winners:

Overall 1st: Emi Yasaka (300 points)
2nd: Julie Cousins (240 points)
3rd: Michelle Dankwerth (182 points)* Also Master Winner

*On a very interesting note, the tie breaker for third place overall was between Michelle Dankwerth and Margaret Shaffar, both of whom accumulated 182 points and had perfect attendance for the series.  The winner for third place overall was decided by the lowest cumulative time for the four races, which went to Dankwerth with a time of 1:52:19, ahead of Shaffar with a time of 1:52:28.  That's a mere 9 seconds over 14.5 miles!  Some close competition ladies, keep it up.

Age Group:
U-20 Annamarie Moline (Age 15)
20-29 Abigail Turman
30-39 Margaret Shaffar
40-49 Lisa Thompson
50-59 Corrine Kroehler

Overall 1st: Max Renner (400 points, perfect score!)
2nd: Dmytro Koshevy (186 points)
3rd: Ross Weinzierl (182 points)

Age Group:
U-20 Calvin Sandberg
20-29 Chris Harvey
30-39 Dave Duede
40-49 Dan Moline, Also Master Winner
50-59 Richard Chin
60+ Sol Mirelez

Results Here

Final standings

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