Thursday, September 4, 2014

Race #1 Recap

First off I would like to thank all the volunteers! You all endured the humid weather and then the bugs later to put on a great Race #1. These individuals are:

Nancy Rush
Steven Rush
Eric Porte
Julie Freniere-Gibson
Pat Gibson
Dustin Carda
Ben Drexler
Rebecca Hill
Dan LaPlante
Britney LaPlant
Darle Salmen
Patty Vehler
Audrey Weber
Jim Wilson

Thank you to our sponsors Salomon, Dyna Moo, Fits Socks, Mill City Running, Seven Sundays Museli and Steve Smillie-Edina Realty for your support!

Thank you to all the runners who overcame the humidity with strong running!

You will see the final product of the C Tolle Run episode on Race #2, 9/17. Thank you to all who were interviewed.

Results are up now for both the Youth Run and Race #1 here.

We will post photos here and on our facebook page shortly.

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