Monday, October 27, 2014

Post Series & Race #4 Recap

Sadly, the Series has come to an end. In the weeks since I have had time to sit and reflect. It was a lot of fun putting on the Series with the challenging courses, the delicious post race food, the mix of protein and carbohydrate beverage options and visits from Carrie Tollefson and the C Tolle Run show crew, Mile in My Shoes running club, and Break the Stigma Project. I am thankful to you all whether you took part in the Series as a runner, sponsor, volunteer or combination of the three and for your smiles. You make the challenge of organizing the Series a blast and look forward to the next year once it is over.

A quick house keeping item: those who ordered long sleeve shirts you can now pick them up at Mill City Running. Just let the Mill City staff know that you are picking up your shirt and give them your name. Your name is on the tag of your shirt. We do have a few extra shirts for both men & women in small and mediums. If you would like one please email me.

Dates will be posted for next year before Thanksgiving.

We had a lot of great sponsors and a lot of great volunteers that enabled us to put the Series on. Before I thank them I would like to congratulate our participants and the Series winners.

Congratulations to:
Top 3 Male: Bryan Schneider, Heriberto Vargas & Brent Skaw
Top 3 Female: Kara Parker, Bonnie Sons & Casey Bakewell
Top Master Male: Kirt Goetzke
Top Female Master: Kara Parker

There are a number of runners who I am singling out because he/she has participated in races in all six years of the Series.

Lorena Byerly
Kirt Goetzke
Casey Kovacic
Patrick Morgan
Linda Nelson
Matthew Rantala
Mark Wirt

Thank you sponsors! Your support is immeasurable.

Mill City Running
Dyna Moo
FITS Socks
Steve Smilie
Seven Sundays
Dangerous Man Brewing Co

Thank you to the volunteers! Your effort and time is greatly appreciated.

Lisa Black
Amanda Blom
Scott Carlson
Andrew Carlson
Ron Carpenter
Justin Fitterman
Amanda Harmon
Rebecca Hill
Zach Hill
Stephanie Johnson
Mike Jurasits
Marisa Lindsay
Toni Miller
Brice Okocha
Becca Rogers
Toby Rogers
Sarah Schulz
Beth Steigauf
Mishka Vertin
Sara Welle

A special thanks goes out to the following volunteers, your efforts over multiple races enabled us to provide a consistently great event.

Patty Behler
Nicholas Brown
Robert Brown
Dan Butler
Ivan Byerly
Dustin Carda
Ben Drexler
Julie Freniere-Gibson
Pat Gibson
Angela Lim
Dan LaPlante
Britney LaPlante
Eric Porte
Darle Salmen
Julio Salazar
Audrey Weber
Dan Wennberg
Jim Wilson

There are two people who I would like to thank are my parents Nancy and Steven Rush. Shortly, your living room will once look like a living room. I can not guarantee that your kitchen table will be clear though.

Thank you again all and see you on the trails!


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